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Byron Chalmer-Smallman, CEO

Responsibilities: Marketing and Sales, Business Expansion, Brand Development, New School Acquisitions. Expanding and Developing the Erudite brand globally to both schools and educators. Execution and Development of Teach Erudite for long/short term strategy goals and budgeting. Sales forecasting implemented into long/short term goals.
Maintaining and developing Teach Erudite’s competitive advantage through understanding SEO management, understanding current needs and wants from the perspective of our Clients (Principals) and our Candidates (Applicants/Job seekers).
Byron who is one of the founders of Teach Erudite is an entrepreneur who started his first business at the age of fifteen years. When reaching his early twenties, Byron worked in the skills development sector in South Africa, specialising in educational programs for people with disabilities, using the opportunity to learn about human resources, skills, education, recruiting and executive sales. During the course of working in the skills development sector, Byron and Msimelelo identified that the youth unemployment problem in South Africa had no immediate solutions. This created an opportunity for them to seek opportunities for employment for young South African people abroad. Teach Erudite was born 3 years ago and began sending graduates to China. Since then, Teach Erudite has expanded into partnerships with private schools in UAE, Oman, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Singapore and Mongolia. Byron has a true passion for trading in the international space for commerce, sales, mapping out business strategy and entrepreneurship.

PhD Business administration
Yolanda Jacobs, Instructor & training material designer

Responsibilities: Maintaining the standards of quality in teacher training and development. Developing new course material for training programs. Instructing and training instructors.
Yolanda is a skilled, professional teacher with a wealth of global teaching experience and specialisation in teaching English as well as teacher development. Yolanda has taught around the world, has a strong passion for people and helping them to succeed. After teaching at kindergarten level in Oman and later moving into the ESL industry in China, Yolanda joined the Erudite team to assist in the development of teachers, create training programs for non-qualified teachers to better equip them for teaching abroad and assist with career development. She is a humble and sweet person who takes a keen interest in seeing people develop through her coaching.

Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature
Msimelelo Zide, Managing Director

Responsibilities: Compliance, process flow, operations, sales. Ensuring the smooth and efficient process of identifying and hiring candidates, visa compliance regulations and human resources management. Maintaining relationships with schools and universities in China and Europe.
Msimelelo, one of the founders of Teach Erudite, is a highly proficient professional in charge of managing existing client relationships, human resource processes and visa compliance. Before entering the international education space, Msimelelo spent his time in business development working with skills development legislation in South Africa. Using his time to accumulate skills in the human resource space while developing the business aspect of a nationwide education/skills development company in South Africa, Msimelelo then chose a different career path and took up teaching ESL in South Korea, where he found a passion for the ESL industry and an opportunity to merge his existing skills with a new developing market.

Honours in Human Resources
Sanne Broers, Recruitment & Candidate Liaison

Responsibilities: Identifying, screening, interviewing suitable teachers and matching them with schools and universities. Building and maintaining relationships with teachers. Offering career advice and coaching for qualified and aspiring teachers. Assisting new teachers with career steps, application process, hiring process and smooth transition into their new careers.
Sanne is a professional recruitment specialist with a background in marketing. Sanne has been working with Teach Erudite for 2 years. During her time with the Erudite team, Sanne has developed a passion for assisting people with achieving their goals to teach abroad and travel the world. After traveling to many locations around the globe, Sanne is able to provide real perspective to individuals wanting to experience different parts of the world. This, together with her knowledge of the requirements needed to work as an educator in each of our locations, makes Sanne the perfect person to guide you through the next step in your career. Sanne is meticulous in her work but keeps a fun edge to her professionalism.

Bachelor’s Degree in Media & Communications
Nina Blount, Recruitment & Career Advisor

Responsibilities: Identifying, screening and interviewing suitable teachers and matching them with schools and universities. Building and maintaining relationships with teachers. Ensuring process flow for teachers throughout the hiring process and through the visa process.
Nina is a study method Teacher and a registered Life Coach with over 10 years-experience. Nina has extensive experience as a course facilitator. After practising her skills as a teacher, Nina adapted her skills into counselling and guiding young people through difficult stages of their lives. She later moved into developing a TEFL academy to assist graduates with ambitions to teach ESL outside the country. Nina has been recruiting in the international education space for 3 years now with a primary focus on China and South East Asia. Nina is a true people’s person and takes a sincere interest in every person she works with. As an ex teaching professional and guidance counsellor, she truly cares about teachers and education as a whole. She has a great track record with placing happy educators abroad and offering career guidance to young people.

Bachelor of arts in counselling

About Erudite

Erudite is a professional teacher recruitment agency that specializes in helping international private schools ESL centers, HE institutions, nurseries, pre schools and o nline teaching centers recruit the best staff available We partake and participate in the research and development of overseas education resources, teaching models and other product services to promote the internationalization of education and the innovative development of colleges and universities.

We are committed to building an active international community of energetic and motivated teachers who are focused on helping students achieve success on a global scale and creating a career development service platform centered on teachers

Our Mission / Vision

It is our mission to create and maintain honest and sustainable relationships with our foreign partners. We accelerate the speed of the recruitment process and improve the quality of teachers being delivered to private and international schools we work with around the world. expanding the scope of teacher recruitment and training to empower and promote the innovative and international expansion of education.

Our vision is to empower the future of education with qualified teachers by providing comprehensive education solutions and to give a teacher oriented platform which enables innovative teaching.